What Is This Space?

Through our membership zone we offer our members exclusive access to private content as well as other members-only perks. This includes special reports, newsletters, members-only webinars, members only access to special online courses, special invitations, and more. As a member, you get access to special promotions and coupons. Though you do get rewarded for spending more, you don’t need to pay a subscription fee to become a member.

We have created this space to share the latest in Human Capital Growth and Development.

We share worksheets, toolkits, tips & tricks, e-books, checklists and articles.

“Knowledge is great and powerful, but it becomes useless if it stays un-accessible and unused…. to do it justice, knowledge should be put into use, and spread virally!”

Our always accessible knowledge hub is the cornerstone of our customer education initiative! An always on, self service and on-demand approach to self managed learning.

We have designed our knowledge hub to be an organized, curated collection of information about human capital management and development, thus making information more accessible and usable.

At The Knowledge Collective, our knowledge hub is designed to be relevant not just to our own partners, but to anyone interested in the Human Capital Management & Development field.

Establishing a learning environment is extremely important as it allows our partners and their employees to grow. Our knowledge hub is aimed at creating informal educational content that will allow ease of access to information and skill building tools.

We use knowledge sharing to grow people within our partners’ organizations. This gives more freedom to employees to share and grow their knowledge together, which helps strengthen self managed and informal learning.

We envision that over the coming years, our knowledge sharing will pay off immensely to both: our partners and ourselves.

“We have developed state of the art tools to help our customers thrive! We provide the right platforms to enable our partners (both organisations and employees) learn, grow, create and share ideas! Our aim is to empower an evergreen Learning and Growth Culture”

Who’s This For? How To Join?

Our eberships are aimed at individuals and professionals who want to have the support of professional coaches and mentors and want access to the right tools and resources to assist them in their development journey!

in order to join, you need to access the registration form of the membership type you want, fill out the personal and payment information, and then proceed with the registration process.

We have 2 different membership routes:

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